How To Uninstall MOVEMENT

If you need to Uninstall MOVEMENT from a machine then please use this Mac only uninstaller

Or if you would like to manually uninstall, follow the steps below:

First, it's time to back-up your user presets. MOVEMENT’s user presets are saved as XML files in the following directories:

-Mac: /Users/Shared/Output/Movement/Presets

-PC: OS (C:)\Users\Public\Documents\Output\Movement\Presets

You can back up your user presets by making a copy of the MOVEMENT user preset file and dragging it to your Desktop, then dragging it back to the above location after the reinstallation.

Now, please make sure that each computer you are about to run the uninstaller on is connected to the internet. When you're ready:

-You can download and run the MAC uninstaller from this link: Uninstaller

-You can download and run the PC uninstaller from this link (make sure to run the uninstaller as Administrator or else it will not work properly). 

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