Installing and Activating Output Creator

To install Output Creator, navigate to your account page at There, you will find the available downloads for your Mac or PC. 

After downloading the appropriate installer for your system, launch the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install Output Creator in the default location on your system drive. Once the installation is complete, please restart your computer before opening it. 

Your installation is now complete, and the installer has installed everything you need to start making music.


  • Output Creator must be installed in the default location, as the application relies on predetermined file paths to function correctly.
  • Current Arcade Users: For Output Creator to share downloaded Content, your Arcade Content Folder must remain located in the default location and not on an external drive or alternate location:

    Mac: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Output/Arcade
    PC: C\ProgramData\Output\Arcade


Logging Into Output Creator

Logging into Output Creator is easy. After a successful installation, connect to the Internet, then open the application. You should see the following screen:

Output Support - Output Creator v1.0.0.14429 - Screenshot - 42fZW3Sa.png

Enter your Output ID (the email you have used to create your account) and your password in the appropriate fields. Once entered, your system will be authorized to use Output Creator. 


You're now in! Get started making music by checking out our Output Creator User Guide.

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