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Pack Generator allows you, the music maker, to bring your ideas to life faster than ever. With a simple to use interface, simply enter a prompt and let our cutting edge technology do the rest. 


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Describe anything you want:

Prompt with moods, instruments, genres or artist references to get instant inspiration. Even add Key and Tempo in your prompt to generate samples for fast drag-and-drop additions to a new or existing song in your DAW.

You can enter anything as simple as, "a rainy afternoon in Portland, Oregon," to something more complex, such as, "Heavy synths and ambient guitars with a cyberpunk vibe, 100 BPM, C minor," and anything in between.  For more tips on prompting, see:

Whether you are feeling stuck or are feeling lucky, you can let us randomize a prompt for you by selecting, "Try a Random Prompt," under the Enter Prompt field. 

When you are ready, hit Generate 4 New Packs to start the process.  Once the progress bar is complete, you can check out the results. 


Pick your favorite pack:

Once we've completed your packs, you can listen to each pack preview and select your favorite. Choose from four different packs that sound best with what you imagined. 

If we didn't get it right the first time, or if you'd like more ideas from the same prompt, you can select the clockwise-refresh icon on the bottom of the page to regenerate your prompt. 


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Download royalty-free packs:

Get 44.1Khz stereo mixes, stems, and sample packs you can drag and drop into any DAW. Select Download to get the pack you like.

Please allow a short period of time to compile the result. Your download will start automatically when ready. If they do not start when ready, be sure to allow automatic downloads on your browser, then try again. 

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