Apple Silicon Compatibility (Apple M-Series Processors)


Arcade is Apple Silicon native (M1, M2 or better). Please download the latest updater HERE

Perpetual Software: Kontakt Instruments + FX

Kontakt Instruments: All Kontakt Instruments are Apple Silicon native when used with the latest version of Kontakt.

FX: Output FX are now fully compatible with Apple Silicon based Macs (M1, M2 or better). You will need to update your products to get the latest versions of Thermal, Portal and Movement. These updates also offer lots of great fixes for Windows and Intel-Mac users.

How to update FX

There are 2 ways to update your FX and instructions are below. 

  1. Manually
    1. Go to
    2. Download the FX listed in your account
    3. Run the installer and restart your computer 
    4. You will now have the latest version of Thermal, Portal and or Movement
  2. Output Hub
    1. Open Arcade Hub
    2. Click on circular double arrow near the left to refresh the Hub with the latest builds (video example below)
    3. Scroll down to your corresponding FX and notice it will say "Update Available"
    4. Click download the installer will run 
    5. Once it's complete, restart your computer



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