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Frontier Troubleshooting

Since your speakers exist at the end of the signal chain, troubleshooting involves checking each item upstream from the unit.

Here are some steps to help you troubleshoot issues with your Frontier speakers:

1. Speakers won't turn on

  • Try connecting the unit to a new wall outlet, power strip, or power conditioner.
  • If available, try connecting the unit using a new IEC power cable.

2. Speakers don't produce sound

  • Try connecting the unit to a new source - a different mixer, a new output on your interface.
  • Try a new audio cable
  • Double check your volume settings
  • If enabled, try disabling Eco Mode.
  • If available, try connecting a new speaker to the same source to see if that speaker produces  sound.

3. Issue with sound produced

  • Try connecting the unit to a different output on your mixer / interface
  • Try a new audio cable
  • If using an interface and a DAW, try playing audio from outside the DAW.
  • Try connecting the speaker to a new audio source to see if the issue persists.
  • Check whether or not you hear the sound while nothing is connected to your Frontier input.

Check out the Frontier User Guide here.

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