Frontier Features and Specifications

Back Panel


1. Combo Input (+4dBu): This input jack accepts line level signals from balanced XLR connectors and ¼” TRS connectors. Connect your line level audio source to this jack.

2. RCA Input ( 10dBV): This connector accepts line level signals from audio sources with unbalanced RCA style inputs.

3. Level Knob: This knob adjusts the volume level of all three of the rear panel inputs (XLR, TRS and RCA). The volume is at minimum when the knob is turned fully counter clockwise; the volume is set to maximum when the knob is turned fully clockwise. Adjust this knob when calibrating your loudspeakers with the audio source.

4. Eco Mode Switch: This turns Eco Mode on and off. Eco Mode puts the loudspeaker into standby, reducing its power consumption, if no signal is received for 30 minutes.

5. Power Connector: This socket accepts a standard IEC type power cable. The power supply is auto switching depending on your locality s standard.

6. Power Switch: This switch powers Frontier on and off.


Front Panel


1. High Frequency Driver (Tweeter): The high frequency driver outputs the top range of the audio spectrum.

2. Low Frequency Driver (Woofer): The low frequency driver outputs the bottom range of the audio spectrum.

3. Tuned Port: The tuned port enhances low frequencies and allows the internal circuitry to breathe, operating as a cooling mechanism. Do not cover this port; it is essential not only for audio performance, but for the longevity of your Frontier speaker.

4. Frontier Light Indicator: This LED array illuminates when the monitor is receiving power and the rear panel Power Switch is in the ON position. If Eco Mode is on, this array will dim after 30 minutes indicating that Frontier is in Eco Mode.


Frequency Response 45Hz to 25kHz
Crossover Frequency 3000 Hz
Low Frequency Amplifier Power 100W
High Frequency Amplifier Power 100W
Polarity Positive pressure with positive voltage
Input Impedance 20K Ohms
Input Sensitivity 87dB @ 1m @ -15dBv
Power 265 W max
Protection Output current limiting; over temperature; transient on/off protection to prevent ‘pops’; subsonic filter; external main fuse
Cabinet Walnut Hardwood Base with Painted MDF Upper Cabinet
Eco Mode Power Draw 280mW
Size (W x H x D) 332 x 230 x 200mm (13 x 9 x 7.9in)
Weight 7 kg (15.6 lbs)



Check out the Frontier User Guide here.

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