Frontier Setup Guide

Speaker Placement

The placement of your Frontier studio monitors (whether on speaker stands or your desktop
workstation) will affect the performance of the loudspeakers. If given the option, speaker
stands are preferred to minimize reflections from your desk.

Due to the coaxial design, Frontier can be placed on its bottom or side without affecting the performance. Use the following tips to achieve the best performance:


Speaker Placement


Place the Frontier studio monitors so that the two speakers and the listener form an equilateral triangle when viewed from above. Angle the speakers slightly inward so that the drivers face the listener.

In general, it is recommended that the Frontier monitors be placed at least one foot away from the nearest wall, ceiling, or other large flat surface.


Speaker Height


Position the speakers so that the listeners ears are on the same plane as the high frequency driver.

Connection Diagrams

Frontier studio monitors feature balanced XLR and ¼” TRS connectors at the professional +4dBu standard, as well as unbalanced RCA Type analog inputs at the consumer 10dBv standard. Connect the outputs of your audio interface, monitor controller, mixer, or other line level device to these inputs. Do not connect an amplifier output, or other speaker level signals to these inputs.

Tip: If your audio source features both XLR/TRS and RCA Type outputs, use the XLR or TRS connectors instead of the RCA whenever possible. Balanced designs carry signal over three conductors (Hot, Cold, and Ground), instead of two conductors found in RCA cables (Hot and Ground). This results in lower noise, less interference, and overall better fidelity. If the only option is RCA cables, do your best to keep them as short as possible.

Scenario 1


Scenario 2


Scenario 3



Check out the Frontier User Guide here.


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