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Kit Generator Guide

What is Arcade’s Kit Generator?


This new feature in Arcade is a tool designed for you to easily and quickly create a brand new user kit using any audio sample! Want to record the sound of a choir, and then play it as a kit? Do not fear, Arcade KIT GENERATOR is here!


How Does KIT GENERATOR work?

It’s simple! First, navigate to any “Samples” tab within Arcade’s Browser.

From there you will see the list of samples available to you in Arcade.

Each of these files will have the option to “Generate Kit”. Simply click on that button for the sample you’d like to work with, and let KIT GENERATOR work it’s magic!


Line Samples


Search Samples


Your Samples

You can also add brand new samples you recently recorded or acquired by dragging them into the “Your Samples” tab. 


Understanding the KIT GENERATOR interface 


At this point, KIT GENERATOR should have loaded up, and created a brand new custom Arcade kit using the sample you selected! KIT GENERATOR intelligently slices, assigns, and applies loop start & end points & modifiers to your sample, instantly giving you something that is playable across the white keys.


Slice Modes



As mentioned above, KIT GENERATOR will automatically create a kit that is playable from the get-go. Our product team has developed different “SLICE” algorithms that you can choose from, which will give you different versions of how KIT GENERATOR can “SLICE” your original audio sample across the white keys. Simply click on the different options, and explore these until you find one that inspires you the most. After saving your Kit, you can tweak to your liking within the Sample Edit windows per key. 

FX Presets


Similar to the SLICE MODES, the FX PRESETS are a set of different FX templates that will change the overall sound of the kit, and what parameters each of the macros control. We’d invite you to explore these until you find one that suits the direction you want to take with this kit. After saving your kit, you can tweak your FX settings inside of Arcade’s mixer and macro areas. 

Saving Kit from Kit Generator

Once you are happy with the kit, then you can go ahead and name it whatever you’d like at the top and then click “Save & Play”. At this point, you will be able to load this kit just like any other User Kit in Arcade. 

Still have questions? Click on the "Help" icon on the bottom right corner of this page to submit a ticket, and our team will follow up to assist!

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