Frontier FAQ

Q: What's in the box?

A: The box includes the following:

  • Frontier studio monitors (2)
  • IEC Power Cables (2)
  • PET Isolation Pads (2)
  • Safety Guide (1)


Q: What type of amp technology is in Frontier?

A: Frontier features Class D amp technology.


Q: How does Eco Mode work?

A: Eco Mode puts the loudspeaker into standby, reducing its power consumption if no signal is received for 30 minutes. 

You can turn Eco Mode on or off on your Frontier by using the Eco mode switch on the back.

Note: The front LED will remain lit even when Eco Mode is turned on and Frontier is on standby. Eco mode features a dimmer LED.


Q: Why do I still hear signal with the trim pot at its minimum value?

A: The trim pot on Frontier does not go all the way to 0, so signal may still be audible when the knob is at its minimum value.


Q: What is the return policy for Frontier?

A: We offer free returns within 30 days if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. You must return your purchase within 30 days to receive free shipping. We also require you to return the product in its original packaging. 

Other contingencies apply and are outlined in our full Return Policy.


Q: Is Frontier Available Internationally?

A: At this time, Frontier is available in the US, in the EU through our distributor, in Australia through Sounds Easy and in Korea through Gearlounge.  We are working towards making Frontier available in different regions outside of the US and EU.


Check out the Frontier User Guide here.

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