Keyboard Tray FAQs

What Keyboards Fit in Platform?

If the keyboard is under 53.25”(w) x 15”(d) x 5.375”(h) in size and lighter than 50 lbs., then it is good to go!

When checking your keyboard’s size, it is important to consider that equipment manufacturer size specifications may not include features such as rubber feet, encoders, knobs, or buttons. It is recommended to verify your equipment’s specifications to ensure a compatible fit.

If your keyboard is too big to fit on the tray, there are some potential workarounds you could consider! One option is to use your keyboard on the desktop and your other controllers and mouse on the tray. Another option is to buy Platform without the tray and use a separate square-shaped stand (such as this one or this rolling stand) underneath to hold the keyboard for you.


Lowering Your Keyboard Tray

If your keyboard is a bit too tall to fit on the tray at the normal setting (4.25"), you can lower it in order to have a 5.375" vertical clearance.

Looking at the tray wings you'll see 2 silver L-shaped brackets that attach them to the bottom of the desktop. On the wing side there are 4 screws attached. To lower the keyboard tray, remove all of the screws and attach the bottom two screw holes of the silver bracket to the top 2 holes on the wooden tray wings (which will leave two holes exposed and unscrewed). 

Please see the image below. You will simply shift the L bracket in the direction of the arrows so that the green dots are where the yellow stars are. Hope that clarifies things!






Keyboard Tray Cutout Dimensions

The dimensions of the cutout in the keyboard tray are 5.25” x 23.5”.


Keyboard Tray Slides

If you need to purchase replacement Keyboard Tray slides for Platform, you can order exact replacements by visiting THIS LINK.

Please Note: You will want to select the following options for your replacement Accuride 3832DO slides:

  • Length: 16"
  • Optional Mounting Brackets: NO

How to Remove/Release the Keyboard Tray

To release Platform's keyboard tray, please do the following:

  1. Fully extend the tray
  2. Locate the grey release levers on either side of the tray
    • These levers are located inside the slide rails
  3. You will need to push up one on one side, and one down on the other.

Once you do this, hold the levers in the up/down positions and pull the tray out. 


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