Output Hub cannot download to a protected folder. We recommend downloading files to your desktop and dragging the Library folder to your desired storage location after the download has finished.

Examples of protected folders that Hub cannot download to:


C:\Program Files\



More details:

Our FX libraries are delivered as installer files - .exe on Windows, and .pkg on Mac. Download these files to your desktop and run the installer. The installer will deposit the VST/AU files in the correct location for you.

Our Kontakt libraries are delivered as Library Folders. These don't contain any VST/AU files, as Kontakt is referencing the entire folder. Download the folder to your desktop, then you can drag it to your desired storage location prior to activation. 

Once activated, this folder cannot be moved without a few steps. Click here for more information.

Still having trouble? Click on the "Help" icon to submit a ticket and our team will be happy to help.