• Is there a size limit to the samples that can be used for Kit Generator?

    • There is currently no size limit on the files you can import into Arcade

  • Will Kit Generator accept any audio format?

    • The supported audio formats are the following: wav, aif, aiff, mp3, flac.

    • We do not support Apple Loops file format, aac, mp4, or m4a at the moment. 

  • Why is the “Chopped” algorithm not available for some samples?

    • If the imported sample is shorter than 2.5 seconds, then the “Chopped” algorithm will not be displayed, since this algorithm requires samples of a longer length to be able to work it's magic.

  • Is Kit Generator available in older versions of Arcade?

    • Kit Generator is only available on Arcade version 1.6+. If you are working with an older version of Arcade, you can download the latest installer, by visiting your account page here.

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