The left hand side of Arcade is referred to as the Global Nav:

The Global Nav allow you to access Play Mode, Browse Mode, as well as the Learn, Settings, and Account sections of Arcade.

The Learn Page will help you get comfortable with Arcade's features. Here you can view the Arcade quickstart video, and toggle tool tips which will offer suggestions on how to use features within Arcade. 

You can also access your Settings from the Global Nav. Here you can change your Content Storage location. This data contains the Kits and Samples you have downloaded.
Changing the Content Storage location will prompt you to choose the new location where you would like to copy your current ARCADE data as well as store Kits and Samples downloaded in the future. This will copy your data to the new location so you won’t lose your currently downloaded sounds. 
Note: The original location data does not get deleted automatically and will need to be done manually by the user if so desired. 
If you move content to a different location after having imported to ARCADE, a pop-up will display next time ARCADE is loaded:

In Standalone mode you can also adjust your Audio Output, Sample Rate, and Audio Buffer Size. When using Arcade in a DAW these settings are managed by your DAW.

The Account Page displays your account information and will allow you to edit your account and or logout.

Clicking the Edit button will take you to where you can get an overview of your Output account and edit your account details