The Browser is where you'll find new Kits and Loops everyday. Here you can preview, download, load, search, and even mark your favorite Kits and Loops. Here's everything you need to know:


Just start typing, anything. Arcade will give you results that match the name, description, or relevant tags for content. 


Shows only the content that you've marked as a favorite.

 Shows only content that you've downloaded.

Shows only new content from the last two weeks.


Click on a tag to narrow down the results of Kits and Loops that best match the tag. For unselected tags, we include a number that indicates how many results will be shown when you select that tag. 


Sort your results alphabetically, newest-old, oldest-new, or by most recently downloaded (i.e. DOWNLOADED)

The Feed

The Feed is the first thing you see in Arcade. It's where we showcase the latest greatest content - you'll find links to new Lines, useful shortcuts groups of Kits from different Lines, and much more. 


Lines are collections of Kits and Loops that match a common theme. Click into a Line view to preview, search, and download Kits and Loops within a Line. Here you can also find a nice description on what that Line is all about.


Kits are a collection of loops and various instrument settings (FX, modifiers, macros, modulation, etc). 


Search, preview, download, load, and favorite individual loops. You can shift + click to select multiple adjacent loops or cmnd + click to select multiple non adjacent loops to load.

Kits You Saved

These are your masterpieces

Loops You Added
Where to find the sounds you've added to Arcade.

Active Downloads

This will display your active download queue. 

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