The Mixer gives a bird’s-eye overview of all 15 Loops at once. Each channel strip lines up with the corresponding loop voice.


To open the Mixer, click on the top button on the left-hand side of ARCADE’s keyboard.

Control the Volume and Pan for each Loop, and both Pre/Post FX Sends for each Loop (these are the same as on the faders accessed on the Loop Edit page). Click the Solo button to mute all other Loops except those with Solo activated.  

The Mixer page is also the place to access and edit both FX slots on the FX busses. Learn more about FX here

In the upper right-hand corner of the Mixer page you will see the Master section which gives you access to the Master Bus FX. All four slots on the Master FX bus are insert FX, not sends. You can turn these on and off by pressing the power button next to each effect’s name. Change the Master Bus FX module by clicking on the dropdown arrow icon to the right of the currently listed FX module. Click on an FX slot to access the FX parameters. This is described in more detail here.

Note: If you load a Kit and notice that all of the Loop volumes are at ‘-inf’ and the volume meters don’t show any signal, this is likely because these Loops use the “Pre” send slider and are bused directly into the send FX.