Sorry to hear about this difficulty. Here's how you can get the expansion packs up and running, using EXHALE as an example.

First, make sure that you installed the EXHALE expansion pack in the parent folder of EXHALE. For example, if your EXHALE folder is located in a folder called 'Output Instruments', use the 'Output Instruments' folder as the installation, not the 'EXHALE' folder. If you've done this, please make sure that your EXHALE folder has the expansion pack presets in it. You can do this by navigating to the following directory:

EXHALE > Library Data > EXHALE Presets

If you scroll down, you should see presets with names that begin with a prefix corresponding to the pack they're from, such as "AMB" for Ambient Vocals. If you don't see these presets, then that means the incorrect installation location was chosen. If that's the case, simply reinstall the expansion pack, making sure to use the parent folder of the instrument as the installation location.