Questions about REV? Read on!

Q. What's the difference between REV and REV X-LOOPS?
A. REV is a collection of four engines based on reversed sound: Instruments, Timed Instruments, Loops and Rises. REV X-LOOPS utilizes the Loops engine from REV, but features entirely new audio content. Want more specs on REV? Click here.

Q. Okay, but what if I want only one of those REV engines?
A. While we do not sell REV's four engines individually, REV X-LOOPS is a great (and less expensive) entry into Output's arsenal. Plus, if you already own REV, you can get a $20 on X-LOOPS; just enter your product's serial code as a coupon code on our checkout page!

Q. That X-LOOPS discount thingy sounds great, but it's not showing up on my checkout page...
A. After you enter your serial into the coupon code field on your cart page, hit the apply button. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find the discount reflected in your cart total.

Q. Help, help! My Loops and Rises engines aren't making sound!
A. Don't worry! Loops, Rises, and X-LOOPS feature a different keyboard layout than the instruments you may be used to. REV and X-LOOP's Loops and Rises are mapped to the C4-B5 on your MIDI roll; you can transpose the key of the Loops and Rises by selecting a note from C1-C3.

Q. Your samples sound lovely, really, but can I put my own samples into REV or X-LOOPS?
A. Technically speaking, yes, though it's not something we would recommend without solid knowledge of Kontakt's inner workings. Output does not offer any additional help on the subject but you're welcome to give it a try.

Q. Oh, jeez! I installed my expansions, but I can't find them anywhere!
A. Uh oh! Maybe there was a problem during installation; check out our expansion installation guide for more info. Additionally, you can view our Expansion Installation Video.

Q. Every time I open Kontakt, I have to show it where REV is again... Why does it keep disappearing?
A. No worries! This is a rare issue that pops up occasionally on Mac operating systems; just submit a support ticket and we'll get things sorted out for you.

Q. You've been great, but I have so many more questions!
A. Aww, thanks! Have you checked out our help menus? Press the "?" button at top of REV or X-LOOPS to bring up some helpful hints!