Expansion pack questions? We've got you covered.

Q. Do I need to own an Engine to buy an Expansion?

A. Yes! Each expansion pack is made uniquely for its pertaining ENGINE. It utilizes the ENGINE's resources to play specific sounds. 

Q. What do the expansion packs offer me exactly?
A. Each expansion pack adds a large number of new presets to your product. SIGNAL expansions contain 100 new presets each, while REV expansions contain 125.

Q. So there's like, new audio samples in these expansion packs?
A. Not quite - Expansion packs contain a bunch of new presets, which manipulate the audio of the base software to create new sounds (when you save a sound that you've made in one of our instruments, that sound saves as a preset). These presets are specially created with a theme in mind; REV's Translucence expansion creates light, ethereal sounds, while SIGNAL's Glow is focused on a dance music aesthetic.

Q. How the heck do I install these things?
A. Great question, answered in our handy-dandy walkthrough video here.

Q. I just got an expansion pack for SIGNAL. Will this add new presets to REV, too?
A. No, expansion packs are designed specifically for one product. SIGNAL expansions will only work for SIGNAL, and REV expansions will only work for REV.

Q. If I don't like an expansion pack, can I return it?
A. Sorry, no, we don't offer refunds for our expansion packs.